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Icecream machine - Ice cream - Enquiry

Please fill in the enclosed list of questions. If you want to add some information, write in at the end. We are at your complete disposal in case you require any other information.

1) Required daily ice cream production (kg.)

2) Working hours per day

3) Requested products

    dimension (mm) B H P Volume ml Speed Pcs/Hour
a) Stick Extruded products
b) Cones
c) Cups
d) Wafer cups
e) Ice lollies
f) Bulk products
g) Bricks
h) Sandwiches
i) Candy bars
j) Logs or cakes
k) Other types of products (description required)

4) Requested equipment

Mix treating plant (pasteurizing, homogenizing, cooling)
Ageing vats.
Continuous freezers.
Dosting / packing machines for cups and cones.
Bulk container filler.
Extrusion lines (stick proucts, funny face, ball cone, log etc.)
Plants for ice cream bars – lollies
Hardening tunnel (cups, cones cakes, containers hardening)

5) Please specify type and capacity of the equipment already available in your factory, if any

6) Electrical supply

Volts (v):
Cycles (Hz):

7) Notes

8) Name of the end user

Company Name *
Name of contact person *
Address *
Town / Country
Phone *

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19/12 2011

New Automatic Extrusion Line ARCTIC C 300

VOJTA Ltd launched new budget version of ARCTIC C automatic extrusion line. Available in 2 versions:
1. ARCTIC CN 300 with chain pick up, for STICK extruded products
2. ARCTIC CL 300 with lamella pick up, for STICK and CONE products

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Bratří Čapků 1844/17
101 00 Prague 10
Phone: +420 222 268 592
Fax: +420 222 268 599

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