Sandwich machine

Sandwich machine 
  Sandwich machines are efficient and flexible system for wide range of sandwich products. 
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Designed for round, square and rectangular sandwiches
  • Capacities up to 8.000 pcs/h
  • Double cutting arm system, servo driven
  • „No biscuit – no ice cream“ system as standard
  • Photocell for print registration
  • Single or double reel holder/s
  • Changeable biscuit magazines for swift product change


  • Stainless steel sanitary constructed top and bottom biscuit stations to accommodate a large variety of biscuits. These stations can be reased and lowered - to start and stop biscuit feeding.
  • Sanitary constructed vertical extrusion station, with nozzle holder. The nozzles are available in a wide variety of configurations to accommodate any size of sandwich in 1-2-3 colors.
  • Dual hot wire cutter, which is servo driven and controlled by central PLC of the machine.
  • Product is conveyed into wrapping section, then. Stainless steel folding box is designed appropriately to wrap the product.
  • Completely wrapped product is discharged onto horizontal conveyor belt.
  • All operations of SM machine are controlled by central PLC unit. Operator interface is 5“ color touch screen.

Models available – SM400, SM600, SM800

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1/ 9 2015

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Exhibition Gulfood 2015 - The international trade fair for food and drink technology.

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Exhibition ANUGA 2015

Exhibition Anuga 2015 - The international trade fair for food and drink technology.

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